Flesh to Foliage

Myrthe Bokelmann, Madina Mahomedova, Nika de La Loncha, Alexandra Fraser, Gizem Karaosmanoğlu, Frederik De Bleser, Lieven Menschaert

Cyber feminism is an artistic, theoretical and cultural movement that critically explores the intersections of technology, gender and identity. In ‘Flesh To Foliage — A Technological Requiem’, we explore the cyber feminist realm by creating nature-inspired body extensions. Female-looking bodies are blended with elements from nature, such as wilting plants and flowers. This creates a new view of the human body as a hybrid entity, a mix of organic and synthetic material.

In the performance, you will see a real dancer, Myrthe Bokelmann, dancing with an AI dancer. The AI dancer was trained on images of performers who were given "body extensions": natural elements such as flowers, branches, symbolising the transition between humans and nature. The AI generated body emphasises the virtuality of our bodies, but also points to the mortality and limitations of our physical selves. The tension between the eternity of the AI body and the inevitable decay of the human body is expressed through dance.

Recording of the performance during the Academic Opening, September 28, 2023.

In July, we shot shots of Alexandra, Nika and Madina looking more or less "natural" through "body extensions". We also give this to the model, and can control the level of "nature" based on the music. After training the model, we can control the model like a puppet. We recorded Myrthe dancing as the AI. Today, she will then dance with that AI. So in essence, Myrthe is dancing with an AI version of herself!

A powerful element is the contrast between the digital and the organic. From a cyberfeminist perspective, we are empowered by our virtually created bodies, while recognising the 'limitations' of our physical, mortal forms. The project offers a visual meditation on temporality, fragility and the essence of existence, through a hybrid performance that is both live and digital.


  • Myrthe Bokelmann

AI Performers

  • Madina Mahomedova
  • Nika de La Loncha
  • Alexandra Fraser


  • Gizem Karaosmanoğlu

AI Design

  • Frederik De Bleser
  • Lieven Menschaert