Frederik De Bleser, Lieven Menschaert

Using machine learning for non-computer science practitioners can feel daunting. In recent years, the situation has improved through libraries like ml5.js, which make machine learning available to anybody with basic coding skills. But linking all these different components together is still a lot of work. Figment's aim is to be the easiest tool to get started using AI for creative purposes. Through visual coding you can easily integrate pretrained models into a live setup, or prepare images for training.

Through intensive machine learning workshops, we introduce participants to new experimental tools used for real-time machine learning and data preparation. Figment was used during the LAbO summer in 2020 to train a virtual AI-driven dancer. It was also used during a number of workshops where in a couple of hours students, some with no prior coding skills, were able to create projects that employed machine learning to do pose detection, collage generation and more.

We've organised intensive machine learning workshops for students from Sint Lucas Antwerpen, LUCA school of arts and Concordia University Montreal.

Students have been training on passerby data to create a models that synthesises them, record and work with data from dance performances, collect images of vegetables to create a vegetable shader, as a style transfer experiment, on Kaggle datasets like Pokemons...