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What do computers see through the eye of AI?

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Flesh To Foliage

AI / Human Dance Performance

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RAIVE AI Summer School — September 2-6 2024 — Apply Now

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The Algorithmic Gaze is the research lab of Sint Lucas Antwerpen exploring the impact of AI through interesting projects and democratizing the tools of machine learning.

Our mission is to bring AI into the artist's practice by developing open-source tools and methodologies that make the domain more accessible and transparent. Our research asks how AI can become a trusted partner in the creative process, both during creation and execution. We explore how AI understands the materiality of body, space and time. Our approach avoids megalomanic datasets; instead we focus on carefully self-assembled datasets and an intuitive visual understanding of algorithms to avoid the bias inherent in large-scale models and take ownership of our own "small AI."

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We do research in the field of creative AI.


We develop free software tools to simplify the process of training and exploring machine learning models.


We help artists use our tools and methods to create new AI-based work.